10 Tips on finding your personal style

Finding your style is hard, I know this. 
although I went to a private school, where the uniforms made it hard to have any kind of personal style, I’ve always had my own sense of fashion. 

I’ve been picking out my own clothes since I was two or three, and although that style was mismatched pig tails, in my hair and crazy colors and patterns as my outfit, at least I knew what I wanted. 

I kind of lost myself when I went to high school, I was pretty girly, in the sense that I loved fashion and makeup. People assumed and expected pink and glitter was my thing, and I played into that as well. I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t me, but what people expected of me. 

Within the last couple of years, I’ve really learned to find my own sense of style. I know how I want to dress, and I wear it all with confidence.

Finding clothes you like as a 20 something can be actually tricky, You’re too old for the stuff you used to go for, but so much of the “women’s” clothes, are too old for you.. So I wanted to share some ideas on how to find your own personal style. 


1. Be inspired, but do not copy. 

Personal style is just that… personal! It’s okay to see a pair of pants someone is wearing, and want to get a pair like that. It’s not okay to style them exactly the same way. Be inspired to get the pants, and style them in your own way. 

Don’t dress just like your friends, even if you look up to them. Like I said, it’s great to let them inspire you, but you’ll never find your personal style if you’re copying someone else’s. 

for example, here are 4 girls all wearing burgundy pants… all dressed for fall. Styled COMPLETELY differently.


find your own style 🙂

2.  Know you’re body and personality

Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are two of the most influential style Icons of all time. Both of them absolutely beautiful and both rocking their personal styles absolutely perfectly. 
Imagine if they switched clothes. How different and out of place it would look, because their wardrobe would no longer fit their personality… right? 
That’s true for you and your friends also, It’s fine to borrow your best friends favorite shirt but your own style into it! You’ll look like you’re stealing her style if you don’t. You have different personalities so of course you’ll have different personal style. 

3. Shop smart! 

You don’t need to shop designers! I agree that it’s important to have at least a few basic, basic designer pieces in your wardrobe, but it’s also okay if your clothes are coming from stores like Forever21. 
Next time you’re looking to add some more pieces to your wardrobe, try shopping at T.J.Maxx, it’s completely hit or miss there, but you can find some awesome pieces, for awesome prices! Especially if you’re experimenting, you don’t want to dish out your entire paycheck on clothes you’re still not sure you’ll wear. 

4. Check out pinterest 

Of course, I’m sure everyone and their brother have already checked out the fashion on pinterest, and I’m standing by my “do not copy” rule, but by looking at other styles, and adding them to one board, it’ll be easier to find out what it is about people’s outfits that you like. Is it a style of blouse? the way they match a long necklace with a V neck top? gathering them all into one place will make it simple to do overview and find out exactly what you’re loving. 

5.  Take your job and lifestyle into consideration when finding your style 

I’ve heard “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” I like that saying, love it and live by it actually.. however, sometimes you just can’t. For example, I’d love to have the job of Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada” (No, not a magazine editor, Her character) but I can’t do that… Not only because everyone at my current job would think I was on drugs, but because one of her outfits probably costs my months rent. (also because that is a fictional character…. minor details!) 
There are going to be a hundred reasons why you can’t dress for the job you want, If you want to be a rockstar, but you work at a library, that may not go over so well… So be sure to take into consideration your job and your lifestyle when you’re finding yourself. 
The new phrase should be “Let the job you want inspire the way you dress until you get there!” 

6.  Keep your goals in mind 

Dress for the job you have, but don’t forget about your goals. If you’re like me, and want to be Meryl Streep, buy designer (or designer look alikes-not knockoffs though) when you can, and keep a board of the clothes you’ll buy and when you get there. You can even pick out what you’ll wear when you interview your new assistant Anne Hathaway. 

7.   Don’t forget accessories 

a huge part of your style is the way you accessorize. You could take a basic white T-shirt and Jeans and accessorize it differently and it would look like you were wearing different outfits every day. Try different jewelry, belts, hats, shoes.. the possibilities are endless! I’m not sure a lot of people realize the incredible importance in accessories. To some people, it’s just an extra step to getting ready in the morning, but in really it takes anther 3 minutes and makes the biggest difference in your outfit. 

8. Decide what style you’re most into 


These are four examples of styles, My style is more chic, while my best friend rocks the classy vibe! All of these styles are awesome, find which one best suits you and go for it.

Here is an example of how different our styles are: (and a chance to show off my bestie)


We dress totally different, but still borrow each others clothes! (same pose though… why are weird like that?!)

9. let colors inspire you 

Find what colors make you feel beautiful. Go to any clothing store, find their basic Ts section, pick at least 5 colors and head to the dressing rooms… Which colors make you feel the prettiest? 
Let those colors inspire the rest of your wardrobe. Obviously, all of your clothes don’t need to be that color, but look for colors in that family. If a turquoise shirt makes you feel prettiest, looks for blues, greens and light purples. Wear white and accent with a turquoise statement necklace. 

10. Shop alone 

This might be boring for some people, but without your friends saying “This is so cute!” every 10 seconds (I’m the one who does that, so let me apologize to everyone I’ve shopped with) You’ll be able to find the pieces that you like, without the influence of others. This will help you figure out exactly what you love. 

I hope this helps anyone struggling with personal style! Give your style some personality, and wear your clothes with confidence! You’re beautiful and don’t forget it! If you need any help, let me know! I could totally talk with you and then find some pieces online that you might like! 

Show me pictures of your personal style 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading, I love you all so much!!


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