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It’s Friday! Thank God! I’m ready for this week to be over. It’s been a long past couple of days, and I’m hoping that’ll settle down soon. I hope you all have some awesome plans for the weekend! Feel free to share your weekend plans, I’d love to hear! ūüôā

so, I’d like to really quickly say, If you follow me on Instagram (you should) you may already know this, but yesterday in the mail, I received my brand new camera!! I’m super excited about it, tonight I’m going to get myself familiar with learning how to use it, and then I’ll be making some video tutorials for you guys :)If anyone has any suggestions on something that they’d like a tutorial on, as always! Let me know ūüôā

okay, now with all that out of the way, today’s post is going to be pretty basic. I realized that I kind of just jumped into using products. I’m sure most of you have a basic understanding of make up products, so I don’t really feel like I need to go in depth on that (If you have any questions, feel free to ask).So In today’s post I’m going to show you what is essential and what you can skip, in a beginners make up bag. Weather you’re 11 or 105 the make up basics are the same, just adjust to your skin type ūüôā

I personally suggest shopping at ulta, it’s my favorite. They have drugstore brands as well as high end brands, so it’s a great way to get everything you need in one store. I know some of you beauties are on a budget, and some like to spend a little extra, so I’ll be putting my personal recommendations for drugstore and high end products.

Side-note*¬†I’ve recently noticed that a LOT of people think that they have normal skin. Most don’t, if you do, you’re lucky! but a lot of people who think they have normal skin, actually have combination skin. If you’re not sure, check my post on determining your skin type HERE

1. Moisturizer. This isn’t so much as a make up bag essential as it is a skin care essential. You can apply as much make up as you want, but it’ll only look as good as the skin underneath it, so make sure you moisturize about 20-25 minutes before you apply make up.

Dry skin: Drugstore-Cerave: , High end- Philsophy
Oily Skin: Drugstore- Alpha Hydrox, High End: Peter Thomas Roth
Normal skin: Drugstore Olay, High end Benifit

Combination skin: Drugstore Boots Botanics, High End BareMinerals

2. Primer. ¬†I personally think this step is optional. I’ve never had a primer that actually worked for me. However! If you have skin concerns like redness, oily skin or large pores. You may want to try one. My favorite primers are make up forever’s new line, but Ulta currently doesn’t carry them.

Dry skin: Drugstore Maybelline, High end Lorac
Oily Skin: Drugstore NYX, High end Toofaced
Normal Skin: Drugstore Maybelline, High end Smashbox

Combination skin: Drugstore Revlon, Urban Decay

3.Foundation. Foundation is important if you want to contour or put any powders on the skin. Not only does it create a flawless finish, but it’s an important step so your powders have a base to stick to. ¬†If you do not want or you don’t feel like you need a foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer instead ūüôā

Dry skin: Drugstore¬†L’Oreal¬†High end¬†Smashbox
Oily Skin:Drugstore¬†L’Oreal, High end¬†Tarte
Normal skin: Drugstore¬†L’Oreal, High end¬†Urban Decay

Combination skin: Drugstore¬†L’Oreal, High end¬†Benefit

*as you can tell, L’Oreal has my favorite drugstore foundations.

4. Concealer is not exactly necessary. If you don’t feel like you don’t need it, then that’s cool. However, It does help you create the flawless complexion look when you apply some under your eyes. Sometimes, I’ll ONLY apply a concealer without any foundation and it works well for me:)

Concealers don’t really work in the way that you’d need to specify them to your skin type. It’s more about the way that you set them. So I’ll suggest a few, but don’t forget to set them with a powder. tip*Look for a concealer that’s one shade lighter then your skin tone so it can double as a natural looking under eye highlight.

Drugstore: ¬†NYX, Maybelline, L’Oreal
High End: Urban Decay, Tarte, Lorac

5. Bronzers and highlighters all depend on your skin tone instead of skin type. These also aren’t essential, but they really help add dimension and help with a natural look. You’re going to want to chose a bronzer that’s one or two shades darker then your skin tone. NYX makes THIS awesome product. it’s really helpful because the bronzer and highlight come together making it fool proof. They also make this bronzer¬†for a natural look. My personal favorite bronzers are Too faced and benefit¬†

6. blush. This again depends on your skin tone, not your skin type. So I’ll tell you what colors you should be wearing and then tell you the brands that I like.

Fair skin: Peachy colors, a soft pink or light corals
Medium skin: Darker peachy colors, warm muaves and rich pinks
Dark skin: light orange, Deep pinks, and warm brown

NYX, Revlon and Milani make my favorite drugstore blushes. Unfortunately ulta doesn’t sell milani, but I suggest you try them out. They’re amazing!

For high end products, iT cosmetics, Benefit¬†and Becca. (being honest with you, I love becca for light skin, but I don’t think it’d be good for someone with dark skin)¬†

7. For Eyeshadows, ¬† I think it’d be best to stick with a quad if you’re just starting out. It just makes your life so much easier. They have all the colors that you need for one look, but not so many colors that it’s over whelming. The only quads I’ve found that I actually like are These maybelline quads.

Blue eyes: sunlit bronze, Chai Latte, Sandstone shimmer
Green eyes: Velvet crush, Lavender smoke, Autum copper
Brown eyes: emerald smoke, luminous lilac, mocha motion.

8. Eyeliner! I LOVE eye liner. If you’re going for a wing tip I’d suggest using a felt tip pen. Like this one¬†I would personally recommend the almay one, But I didn’t see it on this site. You can get it at CVS or walgreens. ¬†For the water line Urban Decay 24/7 is my favorite (currently) it is a bit pricey though so a good alternative would be NYX! A tip for those of you with blue eyes, Using a brown liner will help to make your eyes pop. Green and brown eyed beauty’s look great with a light purple liner.

9. Ohh and mascara! I love me some good lashes. Honestly, L’Oreal makes some great mascaras. I’ve tried several and I like them more then I like a lot of high end brands! Million lashes, and telescopic are my favorites!! For high end, I LOVEEE better then sex by too faced (Kinda wish it had a different name, not gonna lie) ¬†and beneifits new roller lash!

I think that is it! I don’t think I’m forgetting anything, but in the event that I am, please don’t be afraid to tell me. This is the most basic make up kit for a beginner! It’s got everything you need, but it doesn’t get over whelming at all. You can get a set of inexpensive brushes and you are good to go!

If anyone would like any personal product recommendations, for certain skin concerns (i.e. sensitive or mature skin) you can just let me know. I’ve tired MANYYY products, so I’d be happy to help you all out.

Have a great day and fabulous weekend guys! Thanks so much for reading and I hope I hear from you soon ūüôā



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