Build a basic but Chic wardrobe

Hey Everyone ♥
I’m about to let you all in on a huge secret… ready?!… you don’t actually have to have a great fashion sense, to look super fashionable. I know! Crazy, mind blown, right?

Maybe there are a few of you out there who were ahead of the class here, and already knew that, and that is awesome! I’ve always known this, in the back of my head, way back there hanging out with the geometry, chemistry and a bunch of other stuff I learned but never actually used.
I’m kind of a fan of going a little over board with my style, wearing one too many bracelets, and more makeup then most would on a day to day basis. That’s my style, and I love it.

However, for those of you who would prefer to look super fashionable and chic, but also value your sleep and would rather not spend 90 minutes getting ready in the morning… Don’t go anywhere! This article was practically made for you!

It’s all about having the correct pieces of clothing. Collect the basics, and then layer them.

What you’ll need:

Basic Tee. 
Basically, you should get one of these in every neutral color, and maybe even some in some fun colors. 
this is a great way to look chic in a very simple way. Pair it with jeans and a cute bracelet and you look like you just stepped out of the H&M catalog. 

basic t

Skater Skirt
A skater skirt is such a fun way to dress up an outfit. It instantly makes you look much more dressy, and you can pair it with almost any top. Try it with a basic tee or crop top. It’ll look like you put so much more effort into getting dress then you actually did. Who doesn’t want that?!

Black Jeans
Black jeans are the secret to looking amazing. Everyone needs a pair of these hanging out in their closet, even if you don’t wear them often, you’ll need them just in case. You could throw a pair of heels on and look like a million bucks! Or you could wear them with a pair of flats and a flowy top and look like a boho princess. It’s the kind of versatility you want in a man, and you’re finding it in pants instead.  


Long necklace
This is another thing that makes it look like you put so much more effort into your outfit then you actually did, which is perfect! Am I right? Throw a long necklace on over any basic top, and you’ll look super chic and super beautiful. 

I am pretty much completely obsessed with booties. I’m definitely one of those people who are in love with heels and basically wear them every day. I also know that I’m definitely in the minority, and most people would prefer to be more comfortable during the day. (why do I prefer discomfort?) These shoes are the best for you normal people out there, the heel is usually only about 1.5 inches with a thick heel, so they’re super easy to walk in! you’ll get the look of heels with the comfort of something more comfortable 🙂



I did some research and found some outfits for you to use as inspiration. As you can see, all of these outfits are put together with the most simple  wardrobes, but they all look amazing! 



I hope this helps! If there are any articles of clothing that you think are basic, but look amazing, leave it in the comments section so some others can draw inspiration for it.

Whats your favorite wardrobe piece?

Love you all so much

xox Lo

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