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The French Girl Beauty Formula

The French Girl Beauty Formula image source  Even when they’re wearing a t-shirt-jeans combination, tousled hair and minimal makeup, French women, somehow, always manage to look great. Their particular take on fashion is an inspiration to many women around the world. When you’re looking at Léa Seydoux, Marion Cotillard, Eva Green or Audrey Tautou, you’re probably wondering how exactly they…

10 Tips on finding your personal style

Finding your style is hard, I know this.  although I went to a private school, where the uniforms made it hard to have any kind of personal style, I've always had my own sense of fashion.  I've been picking out my own clothes since I was two or three, and although that style was mismatched pig tails, in my hair…

From Ugly duckling to sex object – Late night Rant

Hello My beauties!  I want to talk about something serious, this is a topic that truely gets to me, the deepest parts of me hurt from this.  Sure, everyone has the "awkward phase" somewhere between middle school and high school you go from being cute to... just plain awkward!  but what about those of us who were bullied for our…

Quarter life crisis and how to over come it

mid·life cri·sis noun noun: mid-life crisis an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age. Yes, you read that caption right.. It's like a mid life crises, but instead of happening when your in your fifties, it happens when you're in your 20's... am I being dramatic? Possibly... but let me explain, because I'm SURE that…

Makeup For photos

Good morning!!

I know I should have a video up for today, but this weekend has been long and mentally draining, I just didn’t get the chance to edit. I’m sorry!! :((

I wanted to post something today though, So I thought I’d repost an old post that I did. This has been my most popular post! So I now that I have more followers, I wanted to repost it in case anyone else needed the help.

So I’m reposting my makeup for photographs post. 🙂

make up tips

I hope you all enjoy it, leave me some comments.

Carrie Bradshaw inspired outfit.

Good morning loves!

I had a video filmed for today, but I was really not happy with the way it turned out, so I will re-record that. In the mean time! I didn’t want to skip a day of posting, so I decided to do anther fashion look! I got a little feed back, and some of you seemed to like them, so I wanted to try it out again

Today, I’ll be obsessing Carrie Bradshaw. I love her sense of style and her sense of self. She’s known for her bold choices, wearing bright colors, and mixing patterns… she ALWAYS pulls it off!  and that’s why we love her.

Sex and the City was filmed in the late ’90s, so her clothes are little outdated. I wanted to modernize them, so they would be clothes you might want to try 🙂

Serena Vanderwoodson Style

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… I have a girl crush on Blake lively.

I started watching gossip girl in high school, and loved her ever since. I’m obsessed with her and her characters style!

After re-watching the entire series on Netflix, I wanted to try and find a few of the items she was wearing, I thought “now that I’m an adult with a job and stuff, I can totally afford to dress like serena Van Der Woodson”

I cant totally not afford to dress like Serena Van Der Woodson…

That being said, I’ve decided to kick off a mini fashion series here on my blog, and show you some peices I’ve found that are on a much smaller budget.

I absolutely love serena’s style, it’s a mixture of chic, vintage and so much personal style. As I watched this show, I was wearing a school uniform, and the way they could dress up their school uniforms produced so much outfit envy from me. Now that I’m not in a uniform, I like to think my style has a few similarities with my girl Blake.

Her version: 

Necklace:  Stephen Dweck hand-woven bib necklace $1,195

Coat:Twenty8Twelve Truman coat $682

Dress: Alice+Olivia keyhole shoulder pad dress $264

Bag: Kotur’s Wallace gold leaf haircalf handbag $385

Tights:Hue ZigZag openwork tights $12

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik grey suede Reata peep-toe mary-jane pumps $362

Total: $2900

almost three thousand dollars on an outfit? It’s cool, it’s not like you’re wearing the price of a used car or anything. Do your thing!

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