Champagne taste with a beer budget

I’m sure most of the population is like me… I want nice things… but I really can’t afford them.

ah! the eternal struggle.

I know a lot of people want nice things because of what they think it says about them. You don’t need designer things because of what other people might think of you. The important thing about having nice things, is the quality.

Usually, a rule in life is that you get what you pay for… However, there are exceptions to this rule! And I’ve made it my life’s mission to find high end quality products on a drugstore budget!

L’Oreal Volumionious mascara


Is anyone keeping track of how often I mention this mascara on my blog?! It’s probably up to about… way too many.

But I really feel like everyone needs to know about it. It’s such a good quality, but low price product! If you haven’t tried it yet buy it know, thank me later!

L’Oreal Tru match foundation


 Keeping on the subject of L’Oreal… Their foundation is amazing. This is the best drugstore foundation on the market.(However, if you watch my videos, you probably know that I no longer use M.A.C. products because of the fact that they test on animals. (and I’m NEVER impressed by their products) I’m just getting into researching cruelty free makeup, I’m not certain that L’Oreal is cruelty free.)

Maybelline it

Hard Candy – Tiki Highlighter


Technically, I guess it’s a baked bronzer… That’s what it’s packaged as, but it’s definitely a highlighter, and an amazing one at that. If you haven’t tried this gem, you should definitely go get some, it’s so inexpensive but it’s such a great product! 


Nyx Lip cremes 


I’m basically obsessed with all things NYX, they’re undoubably my favorite drugstore makeup brand, but the lip cremes in particular are amazing! They definitely do not feel so drugstore, and as long as you give them a chance to dry, they’re pretty long lasting. You can eat, drink and kiss and they’ll still be in tact.


Maybelline Eye studio gel liner


I have tried others, and I always go back to this one  Nothing gets me such a long lasting, dark black wing like this does. I have tried tons of high end, and drugstore brands and this one remains my absolute favorite! and to add to that, it’s only about $6 so you really can’t beat that! 


If you watch my channel at all,  you may be tired of hearing about these products, but they are ones I really love! There are a lot of drugstore products that I don’t love, so I think it’s important to talk about the good ones a lot to let other people take advantage of the awesome prices and awesome products!

What are you favorite drugstore products?! I’m due for a drugstore haul so let me know what I should get!


Thanks everyone for reading, I love you all so much!!



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  • Lifestylebites3 July 18, 2016 at 10:16 am

    Very true as nowadays there are lots of dupes available that brings in the perfection of the high end quality that too at an affordable price


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