Dress like Blair Waldorf.

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A few weeks ago I made a post on dressing like Serena VanDerwoodson (From gossip girl)
I got a pretty good response from that, I wasn’t sure if everyone would be familiar with her, but thanks to Netflix, everyone knew what was up 🙂

I wanted to continue on with that, and do A dress like blair post.
Blair’s fashion choices is just one of the reasons we love her. I love her most for her hard work, and boss attitude. (which is why I don’t think I can live without this mug..)

Blair Waldorf’s style is dramatic, and obviously very expensive. (Her nightgowns are nicer then most of my clothes) but that’s okay! I’ve put together a look that is wearable for those of us who aren’t Manhattan socialites, while still remaining stylish.

Her Version:




Top: Moschino polka dot crepe blouse Orginally $790 but you can get it now for just $477!

Skirt: Mochino gold embroidered skirt fall 2012 collection I couldn’t find the price on this one, but let’s just assume it was very expensive.

Cardigan: Diane VanFurstenberg Maryse-bis sequin sweater $154

My Version:

I’ve linked all of these through shop at home, in case you decide to purchase anything, you can get some cash back!
*disclaimer, it is an affiliation link for me, but obviously you don’t have to do it through my link, you could just go to their website and create your account on your own 🙂

Top: Polka dot blouse from Lord and Taylor $35.40


Skirt white skater skirt skirt from Forever 21 17.80

I couldn’t find a budget consious gold and white skirt 🙁 so I decided to embellish with a belt!

Belt: Style&co intricate buckle 22.68

Sweater BKE sequin cardigan from buckle $17.50




I hope you guys like how I re created Blair’s outfit, mixing different dramatic pieces together.

Let me know what you guys think ♥


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