How to improve your skin, with no skin care products.

Skin care can get very pricey, i’m someone who doesn’t mind investing in skin care products at all, but I also understand that most of us are on some kind of budget, or some people would rather spend their money on other things, and that’s okay!

Taking care of your skin is extremely important, even if it isn’t your first priority, it should be on your priority list. So here are some super simple ways you can improve your skin without much time, effort, or money.

Remove your makeup
I cringe at the thought of sleeping in my makeup. The reason it’s called beauty sleep is because you’re body has that time to repair itself, if your makeup is on, the skin on your face isn’t getting repaired.. Please take off your makeup!

Biotin and Vitamin D Supplements
I swear by these! I used to struggle with Keratosis pilaris (Chicken skin) and to this day I will swear to you that the combination of these two supplements cleared that bad boy right out of my skin and I haven’t had any since! I would suggest both of these for any skin problems you might be having. I still take it even without any current skin issues.

Berries and green tea are loaded with Antioxidents, and there’s not much sugar in either so you don’t have to worry about stimulating a break out.
Green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties to fight off bacteria, I drink a cup at night to keep away bacteria and free radicals

Get your sweat on
Exercise daily, even only 15 minutes a day. If you’re uninterested in work outs. Take a walk or jog, enough to get your blood pumping and flowing to your face.

Drink water
I knowww how obvious can I be? and how many times can I mention drinking water on my page, but it really is so important to maintaining healthy skin. Hydrated skin is clear skin! I struggled for a long time to drink enough water during the day, and it’s SO important. Keep a glass of water beside your bed and drink it as soon as you wake up. Get a water bottle and make sure to drink at least one whole bottle before noon, and then a second bottle by dinner time. Sip water for the rest of the night after that. note: chugging water is not as good as sipping it, when water is sipped you get to benefit from all the vitamins and minerals. When it’s chugged your body can’t absorb them quickly enough and you miss out on some.

Keep away from hot showers
at least don’t linger in hot showers. I suggest getting used to lukewarm showers to avoid drying out your skin.

Change your pillowcases
At least once a week. Oil and dirt from your hair will get on your pillow case, you don’t want to keep your face laying on that all night. If you struggle with acne I’d consider changing them daily.

Dry your face with a paper towel
(or fresh towel daily) When you take your make up off and dry your face with a hand towel that you (and even other people) have dried their face and hands on, your basically rubbing bacteria on your face. Nobody wants that.

Apple Cider Vinegar
I’m not going to lie to you guys… it’s disgusting. It’s terrible to drink, it smells bad putting it on your skin.. but honestly, it works better then any other product I’ve ever tried. I add it to some warm water and honey every night before I go to bed, and it is the ONLY thing, that has been able to clear my hormonal acne.

If you’re like the rest of us, and are a little strapped for cash.. Try some of these, less expensive ways to improve your skin without emptying your wallet.





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