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If you’ve ever asked me for a makeup recommendation, or you’ve talked to me about makeup for more then 30 seconds, you’d definitely know that my favorite high end make up brand of all time, is Lorac cosmetics. 
The quality and colors have literally never disappointed me! 

Luckily, I have the most wonderful little sister in the world, (and that’s saying something since I’m also a little sister) and she got me some of the new collection for christmas, and you won’t be surprised that I love it all! 

here is what I got: 

Mini matte palette. 
At first I thought this was just the mattes from the first pro palette, but it’s actually all new colors. I’m absolutely obsessedddd with the colors latte and corduroy
there is also a metals palette, where it’s all shimmers, but since I almost always do all matte eye looks, the matte palette is absolutely perfect for me. and since In 7 days I’ll be traveling, the mini palette is exactly what I need!! 

I know you can hardly see the bare and linen shades, because my skin is super fair, but the color pay off on your eyes is actually really great! These are all swatches with no primer or anything underneath.

Liquid eyeliner pen 

If there’s one makeup item I couldn’t live without, I think it’d have to be eyeliner. It’s my favorite, and I thought that I had found my holy grail liquid liner with NYX, but that baby has some competition now.. I now believe in love at first sight, because with the first swipe of this liner, I absolutely loved it. 
the tip isn’t too thick or thin, which makes it easier to get the exact wing that you want. and side note: I obviously swatched this the second I opened it, and after a day of hand washing, it was still pretty strong by the end of the day. 

Alter ego lipstick 
This is definitely not my first alter ego lipstick. I have about 7 or 8 already. But I don’t have any in this nude color, I’m not usually drawn to nudes, I’m much more comfortable in pinks, reds or wine colors, but I’ve recently been getting into dark nudes, I may be way too fair to pull them off, but I like it so I’m going to rock it anyway. 

Alter ego lipgloss 

again, not my first alter ego lipgloss. I have like… 12 of them. And yes, I realize it’s excessive since I don’t typically even wear lipgloss… but I love, love the formula. I don’t really understand why you never see people on youtube or blogs talk about them.. (I feel like I say that a lot, but the cheese stands alone I guess, haha) 

I’ve honestly never tried a product from the brand that I didn’t like, I’d reccomend it to anyone! The original pro palette is one that I absolutely can not live without, however I will continue to purchase every single pro palette that they come out with.
These are obviously first impressions, since I haven’t really gotten a chance to truly try it all out. So if my opinion changes, I’ll be sure to update you all 🙂 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, not that you’re surprised by it or anything I’m sure! But, I’m hoping the swatches are helpful to you to decide if you’d like to purchase anything from the collection. 

Thanks for reading everyone, Love you all, and Have an absolutely amazing new year!

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  • badger1899 February 5, 2017 at 3:46 am

    One day I will travel to US only for Lorac. Lorac, do you hear me? I will come for you!


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