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make up tips

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Start with a clean face

It’s very important to wash and moisturize your face about 30 minutes before you start your make up application process. This will insure that your make up will go on evenly. Don’t start using any new skin products at least a month before your wedding.

Don’t wear foundation with SPF

 I’m sure you’ve all heard this a million times before. The SPF will reflect the light back and make you look more washed out. It’s not a good look. If you’re SPF in your foundation is below 10, you should be okay, but if you can play it safe and get a foundation with no SPF. I’m not generally into mineral powders, but if that’s what you love then go for it.

Don’t forget a primer

If any of you have been following my blog, you may know that I’m not generally a fan of primers. However, On a day that I know my make up has to last all day long, I’ll definitely apply a primer! Find something that’s long lasting, and oil control/hydrating depending on your skin type. You can also add two thin layers of two different primers.

Wear a little more coverage

Cameras pick up flaws, so in order to make your complexion look flawless, build your foundation up more then you normally would. This does not mean to take a ton of foundation at once, but to use 2 layers of thin foundation. Apply one layer, wait for it to dry, and then apply anther.

Go for a warm coverage

a pink, or cool based foundation will make your skin look more sallow and old. A yellow or warm based foundation or concealer will make your skin look more youthful and radiant. Cameras emphasize the pink tones in your skin, so by adding yellow tones, you’ll look more washed out.

Keep it matte! 

This is where a lot of people mess up. Although some people can pull off the dewy look in photographs, most just end up looking greasy and very oily. Unless you’ve tested it first, and are positive you can pull it off, I’d always suggest going matte!

Wear about 30% more blush and mascara then you normally would

The camera doesn’t pick up all of the make up, and if you wear your normal amount, it may not pick it up at all.

Keep your eyelids matte.

Wearing shimmer will again, reflect the light and make it look white. So keep with your matte colors! It’s also important to add depth to your eyes, so apply a dark brown in your crease and curl those lashes. Be sure to add a highlight to your brow bone and inner corner of your eye. It pulls the whole look together. tip*don’t forget to prime your eyes, you can just use a concealer to do this.


Go easy on the liner, you don’t want a heavy liner on your water line. It will enhance wrinkles and make your eyes look heavy. If using a waterline liner, try to use a brown or gold to bring out your eyes. If using a liner on your lid, I’d suggest using a black eye shadow to add dimension. I don’t suggest doing a wing on your wedding day, since it’s a trend and most people want a classic look, but if you go with a wing, use a gel liner and brush to apply it.


I’d absolutely suggest false lashes on your wedding day! Not only does it add a very beautiful and classic look to your make up, but it also creates a lot of depth to your eyes which is so important in front of a camera! I’d suggest using mink lashes, they look so fluffy and natural and are just absolutely beautiful.


Even if you don’t fill your brows day to day, I’d suggest you do it on your wedding day. They frame the face, and give a flawless appearance.  The camera tends to wash out color, especailly if you’re hair is light, you don’t want to look like you have no brows! You don’t need to go crazy but make sure the arches are defined and the fill is even. You’ll be so amazed at the difference.

Highlighting and contouring

Our faces can tend to look a little flat in photos, that’s why highlighting and contouring is so important! it gives your face dimension and creates a great look no matter where you turn. Add blush to the apples of your cheeks, (when you smile, apply it to the part of your cheek that gets most full) If you apply it too low, it’ll drag your features down. Also, be sure your highlighter doesn’t contain any specks of shimmer.

Blend, Blend and blend some more

The camera will pick up any spots that aren’t blended in right, and make them look so obvious. It picks up on any flaw so blending is absolutely imperative. When in doubt, keep blending!!


Don’t go for a nude lip. As I’ve mentioned 100 times in this post, the camera washes out color. Give yourself a little pink or brown on the lips to add a natural look with some color.

Set your make up

This is so important. I’d recommend splurging for a good setting spray! But in the event that you can’t afford it, set it some something! Set your foundation and concealer with a powder, but also set all of your make up with a spray.

Natural sunlight

My best trick is to apply make up next to an open window. If your make up looks great in natural sunlight, it’ll look good anywhere! I would not suggest going out side though. Unless the temperature is perfect and there are no bugs or wind any moisture in the air at all. Really it’s just best to stay inside.

Be Careful of HD

a common misconception is that make up labeled HD is safe for photos. This is not always the case. HD is made for film, not flash photography. Lots of HD make up photographs beautifully, but Most HD makeup contains silica which can photograph white. So you just have to be careful of this.

Visit the original post here for some product recommendations 🙂


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