Champagne taste with a beer budget

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I’m sure most of the population is like me… I want nice things… but I really can’t afford them. ah! the eternal struggle. I know a lot of people want nice things because of what they think it says about them. You don’t need designer things because of what other people might think of you. The important thing about having…

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The French Girl Beauty Formula

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The French Girl Beauty Formula image source  Even when they’re wearing a t-shirt-jeans combination, tousled hair and minimal makeup, French women, somehow, always manage to look great. Their particular take on fashion is an inspiration to many women around the world. When you’re looking at Léa Seydoux, Marion Cotillard, Eva Green or Audrey Tautou, you’re probably wondering how exactly they…

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From Ugly duckling to sex object – Late night Rant

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Hello My beauties!  I want to talk about something serious, this is a topic that truely gets to me, the deepest parts of me hurt from this.  Sure, everyone has the “awkward phase” somewhere between middle school and high school you go from being cute to… just plain awkward!  but what about those of us who were bullied for our…

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Quarter life crisis and how to over come it

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mid·life cri·sis noun noun: mid-life crisis an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence that can occur in early middle age. Yes, you read that caption right.. It’s like a mid life crises, but instead of happening when your in your fifties, it happens when you’re in your 20’s… am I being dramatic? Possibly… but let me explain, because I’m SURE that…

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Products that are worth the splurge

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Although youtube tutorials, and blogs are extremely helpful in the process of learning makeup application, it can also be really tricky to know what products to try. Maybe it’s just my trust issues talking, but how do you know when someone is being sincere in what they’re preaching? I’ve tried so, so many products! It’s a little out of control I won’t…

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Dress like Blair Waldorf.

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Hello everyone ♥ I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! 🙂 A few weeks ago I made a post on dressing like Serena VanDerwoodson (From gossip girl) I got a pretty good response from that, I wasn’t sure if everyone would be familiar with her, but thanks to Netflix, everyone knew what was up 🙂 I wanted to continue on…

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