Pale girls summer survival kit

Us pale girls know the struggle of summer. If the summer sun hits our skin the right way, we almost become translucent. Being pale means we would have rocked the renaissance era, but instead of pale being seen as a sign of wealth, it now just looks a little sickly.. We’re obviously going to patiently wait for the Renaissance fads to come back, but in the mean time, there are a few tricks to make us look like we’ve got some color in our skin!

Sunscreen. How many times can I mention sunscreen on my blog, right? We’re probably up to about a million (and still counting). It’s so important for all skin tones. No matter how dark you are, but we need a little extra protection to keep us from turning into a wrinkly lobster. Neutrogena ultra sheer (spf 30)is my go to.

Sunless tanner. When I go out into the sun, I load up the SPF, I never get a natural tan. So I use Million dollar tans, mermaid mousse to add some bronzed color into my skin! I apply it all over my body, and it’s a great, natural looking tan without all the sun damage. 

Bronzer. My current favorite is Chocolate soleil by too faced. It puts a natraul bronze on my super pale face and doesn’t look orange. Which a lot of us struggle with! With a little bronzer on your face and neck, we can fit in with those who have a darker glow to the skin!

Body Bronzer. If you didn’t get a chance to use your sunless tanner, try a body bronzer. Jergens BB body cream is my favorite. It leaves your skin glowing and bronzed. I’d suggest getting the darker one, even if you’re really fair! The lighter one looked a little gray and ashy. The darker version is perfect! 

Blush. Sometimes in the summer, bronzer and blush are the only make up I’ll wear. I love the look of adding just a hit of bronze, and some pink to my cheeks. It always looks so beautiful and summery. NYX makes this great blush to put on your cheeks and be able to throw it in your bag as well!

Sunglasses. Okay, everyone needs sunglasses! You gotta protect your eyes.. Not to mention their an awesome accessory to spruce up an outfit, or hide your face when you’re slightly hungover. There are so many uses! So you really do need a really cool pair! I got mine off of etsy, from CharlesScottApparels and I LOVE them. You should definitely check them out.

Those are my pale girl summer time essentials. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you guys need for summer! (even if you’re not a pale girl)

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