The French Girl Beauty Formula

The French Girl Beauty Formula


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Even when they’re wearing a t-shirt-jeans combination, tousled hair and minimal makeup, French women, somehow, always manage to look great. Their particular take on fashion is an inspiration to many women around the world. When you’re looking at Léa Seydoux, Marion Cotillard, Eva Green or Audrey Tautou, you’re probably wondering how exactly they achieve their sexy, but natural and effortless look. Here are a few tips on achieving that nonchalant French look.


One of the reasons French women look so amazing is the attention they give to their skin. So, if you want that French look, a good place to start is by treating your skin, especially your face, as a goddess would. This means weekly massages, facials, manicures, scrubs and maintaining a high moisture level. Find products that are compatible with your skin and use them religiously.

Take special care of your lips; French makeup style is all about the eyes and natural lips. To prevent them from being dry and chapped, try one of the Clarins Australia products, like the Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Balm, which will give your lips a smooth and naturally fuller look. As you age, don’t forget to use anti-wrinkle creams, especially around the eyes.


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Makeup Style

When it comes to makeup, French women have a simple, natural and effortless approach. Here are some tips how to achieve minimalistic perfection.

Makeup Style

  • Use a little to no foundation at all, just some concealer where you need it.
  • Try strobing style which can naturally enhance your facial features by using only a highlighter and natural light. To highlight the main areas of your face, apply it onto your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes. 
  • Smoky-eyes are a must have if you’re going French. Apply the liner by tracing it along your lash line. Use a soft brush to blend the color into a thin haze. Don’t be afraid of a messier look.
  • Lips should be subtle but with a statement. Go with nude or light colors, or just use a lip-balm. The red lips are also a French girl’s trade mark, but go easy with it and apply it like a stain.

Passion for Fashion

French women like classic, high quality fashion with some unexpected twists.

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  • French girls will often choose stylish classic models over the latest fashion. Therefore, the clothing should be from quality materials and well-tailored to highlight your best features.
  • A monochromatic color scheme using neutral and earthy colors, like brown, black, beige and white, with some bold details in red, purple, green or yellow is also indicative of the style. It’s important to keep it simple. If you emphasize one element of your outfit, don’t push it with adding colors and patterns on the others.
  • Shoes are equally important as the rest of the outfit. Having one good pair of shoes is much more important than having dozens of mediocre ones. Try to avoid high heels. If you insist on them, keep them as close to the ground as possible.
  • Jewelry, a loose scarf, oversized sunglasses or a beret are preferable to give your look a final touch.
  • When it comes to French women, it’s all about the sensuality. To feel feminine and gentle, wear the finest lingerie and nightwear. Even if it’s hidden from the eyes, it will make you feel very special and that will be visible and attractive to others. Also, find the right perfume, which will ensure that you feel and smell as great as you look.

Hair Style

Without the right hair-style, you can’t go French. Like everything else, it should also be as natural as possible and, which is even more important, your hair should be healthy and well groomed. If your hair is short, try bob, but if you have a long hair, the coolest and easiest way is to keep it messy, like you just rolled down from a bed. If that’s too much for you, make an elegant and
effective ballerina-bun.

Hair Style

The most important accessory of French ladies is their confidence. They believe in themselves and don’t care much what other people think about them. So, in order to be like them, trust your instincts and act natural. For further research on how to be more like the French, we recommend you to read How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are and, of course, to visit Paris.

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