What cosmetics to bring in a carry on

If you’ve liked my facebook page or follow me on twitter, You might know that I’ve been away for a few days. Spending some time with my family and bonding together after going through anther tragedy.

In attempts to try any make the best of situation, I’ve taken this time to 1) publish a video on how to hide sleep deprived and cried out eyes and 2) make this post on what to bring on a carry on bag, if you need your make up.
I’ve always been an over packer, even staying the night at a friends house I always had three outfits… “what if?” is what I live by and I just like to be prepared and ready for anything! But now thanks to the TSA and whoever thinks they own the sky  I’m being forced to limit the amount of beauty products I bring aboard. When I take a trip that’s only a few days long, I never check a bag. I was gone for about 5 days, so a carry on bag was all I needed to travel in style

As I’m sure most of you know, with most airlines you get one free carry on bag, and a free personal bag. These are the only things you have access to, until you get to your destination. So being the prepared person I am, I’d like to take a minute to show you what I bring on a carry on, before giving you make up tips.

In my personal bag I carry:
1. advil – traveling always gives me a killer headache
2. Face lotion – being in that high elevation reallyyyy dries me out!
3.Chapstck– for the same reason I bring face lotion, my lips get so dried out too!
4. nail file – really, you just never know (It actually came in handy on this trip too)
5. compact mirror – to make sure all of your lotion is absorbed. It comes in handy while you’re on your trip too.
6.Tide to go – airplanes are sloppy, and families are messy, so you never know when you or your family will need one.
7. Headphones– I think this is fairly obvious! Because a 8 hour traveling day needs a soundtrack!

Now lets talk about your actual carry on bag, and more specifically, the make up in your carry on bag!

Be Realistic

My first suggestion is to be realistic about how much make up you’re going to wear. Especially if you’re limited on space. It’d be great to wear a different lip color every day, or have 6 different palettes of colors to mix and match.. but is that realistic? not really.. Why are you packing colors you haven’t worn in six months?! you do not need those things!  Like i said, I’m all about being prepared. But I’m all about being realistic too when space is limited.

Keep your make up light

Some people might love flying (I’m not one of them) but either way, being at that altitude, completely dehydrates your skin. Causing your face to look cakey and dry. I would suggest not wearing any make up on the plane.. I dressed cute, but didn’t wear any make up or contacts because I knew I’d get all dried out. Also, because I wasn’t wearing any make up, I could apply face lotion any time my face needed a kick of hydration. If you do wear make up on your flight.. Keep it light. Maybe some powder foundation and mascara. This will limit your break outs and not give you a cake face.


Paint pots!  These little babies saved my life. I wish I could take credit for them, but I actually saw it online somewhere (I wish I could remember where)
They’re the perfect size for going away for a few days and also super secure!! If they’re secure enough to hold paint, they could hold my make up. I pumped a little of each product into one of these mini tubs, and it was a perfect amount to take with me, while still following the laws about liquids on board
. I already had these in my house since I like to paint occasionally, but you could find them at Michael’s or any other craft store I’m sure.

I always wrap my palettes up in a shirt or blanket in my bag. Since it’s not required that powders be screened, I like to keep them in the middle of my suitcase to prevent them from getting broken.

What to bring

Here’s a list of what I brought on this trip It worked out perfectly!
In paint pots:
-1 pump of primer for every day I was gone
-2 pumps of foundation for every day I’d be gone (that was more then enough)
–  few pumps of NYX born to glow illuminator
– Hard candy concealer (looking back it would have been easier to bring my tube of fit me)

I also brought
– Maybelline nudes palette
-NYX Contour palette
-All the brushes I use on a regular basis
-Travel size urban decay all nighter setting spray
-NYX brow pencil
-Maybelline Gel Eye liner
-iT cosmetics eyeliner pencil

As you can tell, I like to travel with almost entirely drugstore products. This way I won’t be upset if they get lost or broken. If you’re traveling long enough to check your bag, I would suggest still keeping your make up in a carry on so that it’s in your control the entire time. They aren’t exactly gentle with the checked luggage, and drug store or not you don’t want it to get broken.

So get out there, enjoy your travels and have so much fun doing it! I’d love to hear your recommendations for what you lovelies like to bring on your trips!
Leave some comments and thank you so much for reading!!

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