Michael Todd Skincare review

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Sometime last year, I randomly bought a Michael Todd product from Ulta, and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to  try a few products since then, and I’ve been stalking the soniclear skincare brush. In the same day, I got my tax refund, and saw the 20% coupon… if that’s not a sign to buy it, I honestly…

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5 stores better then Victoria’s Secret

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I’m just going to say it! I’m not that into Victoria’s Secret (Put the pitchforks down!) I think they’re grossly overpriced, and their quality isn’t even a little bit worth the money. I’ve never had any clothing from there that didn’t get little pinholes in it, and while their bras are decent quality, I detest the fabric that they’re lined…

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The Body shop vitamin serum reviews.

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If you’ve been alive longer then 10 minutes, I know you’ve heard of the body shop! They’re known for having good ingredients, and not testing on animals. Both of which, I’m all about! I’ve tried several items from the body shop, and I’ve honestly never been disappointed. So when my sister told me there was a 40% off sale, I…

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Boohoo.com Clothing Try on

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If you’re mid 20’s, you may have realized that finding clothing stores is a little difficult. You’re getting too old for some stores, while other stores are still a little too young for you. We’re stuck somewhere in the middle with not enough clothing store options. So while I was watching a youtuber, I heard her mention that she frequently…

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Moisturize all skin types

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  It’s obvious that people with dry skin need to apply a moisturizer at least once a day, but I’ve heard way too many people say that they don’t moisturize because their skin is already oily. I know that putting a moisturizer on already oily skin sounds like a contradiction, but by not adding healthy moisture to your skin, your…

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10 causes of acne and blemishes

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I think a lot of people assume that once you get through your teen years, your acne will go away. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. All through my teen years I had very few break outs. Now that I’m an adult, I’m struggling with my skin for the first time in my life.  There are many different causes to acne, and…

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4 things you love but your skin hates

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You don’t need to be a professional to know that the key to making the outside of your body look good, is to feed the inside of your body better ingredients. Many times (and I mean many) I’ve talked about what you should be feeding your body. I realized I hadn’t exactly gone into what you should avoid in your…

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Beauty DIYs that will go wrong

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These days, everybody looks up everything on the internet, and believes whatever they read Pinterest is a specific point of interest in the subject… Since anyone can upload whatever they want, there’s a lot of false, and even sometimes dangerous information on there. Some of the beauty DIYs, make me cringe a little… In the attempt to maybe make people realize…

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