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Everything you need to know about beauty blenders

  Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Blenders Article written by Peter Minkoff Why would you need this Beauty Blender everyone keeps ranting on about? Well, that’s easy – because Beauty Blenders are life. Hey, but what you need to understand is that Beauty Blenders aren’t just random sponges your nana uses to wash the dishes, so forget about…

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Cyber Monday Deals you don’t want to miss out on

Why people still decide to leave their beds at a ridiculous hour the morning after thanksgiving just to save some money, is beyond me. I’ll skip the morning with the crazies (someone was actually shot at the mall near my house, true story and no thank you) and instead shop from the comfort of my bed while sipping coffee. Why…

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10 Best Products under $£10

Hi guys, my name is Gee and if you don’t already know me you can find me on my blog HERE! I haven’t been blogging very long, actually only about 2 weeks I guess? Yep, 2 weeks, I started not last saturday but the saturday before! I’m really enjoying being a beauty blogger and I’ve met some lovely people along…

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A photo by Barbara Hegler.

Boost your Beauty I.Q.

Article written by Sophia Smith   Having high beauty IQ score means knowing the essentials of proper skin care. Finding an optimal skincare routine for your skin type and condition might seem like a rocky road but it really isn’t that hard. Some of the wisdom comes from experience and years of experimenting, but you can always take a few…

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make up tips

Makeup For photos

Good morning!! I wanted to post something today though, So I thought I’d repost an old post that I did. This has been my most popular post! So I now that I have more followers, I wanted to repost it in case anyone else needed the help. So I’m reposting my makeup for photographs post. 🙂 I hope you all…

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Winter Giveaway!

Hello Lovlies <3 I want to let you all know that although I unfortunately can’t afford to do a big winter giveaway, like I’ve done in the past. I still want to do something to show you all that I appreciate the ones who follow me! I’ll be purchasing a holiday gift set to give away to one lucky winner.…

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Fall beauty

Make no mistake about it, fall is not typically my favorite season.. It steals summer from me, so I can’t love it too much… but I’m coming around. what’s not to love about the fall fashion and beauty trends that bless us year after year. No matter my favorite weather. Fall will also have my heart when it comes to…

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How to Doll Yourself

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MIA TAYLOR How to doll yourself up Every day, we see a bunch of different model photoshoots and we just wonder: how? How in the world can someone have such a flawless skin, such beautiful hair and such perfect teeth? How can she look so good in any piece of clothing she puts on? What is she?…

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Love at first watch

While Minding my own business, scrolling the digital pages of designer websites I know I can’t afford, I stumbled upon something. Something that would change my life if I had… it was love at first site, really. I’ve come close to this type of love, but I’ve never seen it up close. I don’t know about you guys, but I…

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Casual Fall fashion

Hello Lovely People! I have missed blogging. I’ll come out with an update on where the actual heck I’ve been, it’s been a mess. But here I am! I’ve been really inspired by fashion lately, I wanted to put together a fall fashion look to inspire all of you. I didn’t list where I found all the items, because I wanted…

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